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Ervin Is Available For Private And Online Skype Bass Lessons In Reading, MA. 

Teaching/Instructional Philosophy:

Patience And Commitment For Learning Are Important To Me.  I Strive To Uphold The Utmost Professional Decorum For All Of My Students.  Their Confidence In Their Ability To Learn Music As They Also Learn Their Instrument Is Very Important. 

I Focus On Understanding What My Students Want To Get Out Of Their Learning Experience So That Each May Reach His Or Her Goal(S).  Some Students Want To Train For Scholarships To The Best/Biggest Music Academies In The World, Others Simply Want To Play In A Garage Band Or During A Camping Trip.  Still Others Are Professional Musicians At The Top Of Their Game Seeking To Expand And Develop Further.

Of Critical Importance Is That My Students Feel A Musical Connection So That When They Reach Their Goals Under My Instruction, They Have A Heightened Sense Of Accomplishment.

Visit Www.Youtube.Com/Ervbass For Video Clips.

Beginners, Intermediate And Advance Students Are Welcome.

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Bass Lesson will provide:

How To Develop A Good Technique For Your Right And Left Hand,
Finger Style (Two And Three Finger Technique)
Slap Technique



Building grooves, Developing grooves. Funk, Latin, Blues, Reggae, Swing and more. A Step By Step Approach On How To Create Walking Bass LineA Step By Step Approach How To Create Funky Bass Line

Styles Of Music:

Jazz, Funk, Latin And Many More…..

Music Notation:

Learning The Rules Of How To Write Music The Right Way.

Improvisation All Instruments


Improvisation Over Chord Changes. Building Concepts That Will Help You In Any Improvisational Situation. Improvisational techniques: Phrasing, Space in between lines, Shapes, Melody, Embellishing the melody, Playing through the changes, Bebop. Pentatonics and more..

Music Harmony All Instruments

Major HarmonyMinor Harmony,Modal Harmony,Modal Interchanges Harmony.

Ear Training:

How To Recognize Intervals, Chord Qualities Etc

Sight Reading:


Tips And Tricks To Develop Your Sight Reading.

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